Keeping Warm

Are you freezing??  OMG…we feel like we just cannot warm up!  Keeping warm is so key to our happiness and our men’s happiness!  We struggle with it because we are in and out of stores, lounges and brunch spots and you go from cold to hot and back again so quickly!  This week we’re looking at how we’re keeping warm and more specifically, what’s keeping us so toasty to give some winter warmth inspiration.

Let’s start from the top and work out way to the bottom, shall we?  Michelle has on her go – to outfit for keeping warm this winter season.  The toque.  A must.  Your heat escapes from your head, so let’s keep it cozy, shall we?  Next she hits up some layers upon layers.  Starting with a warm black jacket that’s easy to take on and off when you feel like you’re overheating.  Underneath is a plain black shirt that’s great because it just goes with everything.  This whole outfit pairs well with warm black bottoms that keep you toasting and moving!

Enough about the whole outfit, how about the accessories!  We would be nowhere without our Jimmy Choo boots and the added studs gives this outfit a rockin vibe.  Speaking of kickass accessories, the black on black Chanel purse is key as it can go over the shoulder or across the body.  The best part?  The gloves.  Oh man, the gloves.  We love our fur lined gloves from Holt’s!!

Toque here | Jacket here | Shirt here | Bottoms here | Boots here | Purse here | Gloves here |

Samantha is wearing a jacket that will keep her toasty warm… we love that down just won’t ever stop keeping you warm. Plus, these jackets look super cute wherever you choose to go.  Heading for a ski trip?! This down jacket packs up perfectly small so you can bring it with you in addition to your ski jacket.   Heading out for a day of errands?! Well this jacket will keep you toasty warm AND wont’ over heat you.  The jacket tapers in as well so it hugs your waist, gives you some definition, all while you are keeping warm!

We’ve paired it with winter boots – DUH, it’s been WAY TOO COLD in Vancouver lately… like unbearably so.  We are not and will never be used to it.  We’ve also got on our trusted Chanel Tote for a pop of colour in an otherwise shady outfit! For those sunny days, we also love to pair our Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunnies.  Stay warm and look warm.  That’s our newest motto.

Jacket here | Boots here | Jeans here | Purse here | Sunnies here |

How are you keeping warm this winter?!


Michelle & Samantha

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