How to Make the best Moscow Mule

We are flat out obsessed with this cocktail: the Moscow Mule.  It’s a summer dream. It’s both thirst quenching and a refreshing escape from the heat.  Not to mention those copper mugs are a mega show stopper and is a great conductor so if your drink is cold, your hands are too.  A few key things about making your mule the best Moscow Mule you’ve had:  

  1. The quality of ginger beer you choose is super important.  Do not get me wrong, there are diamonds in the rough – we found the most delicious ginger beer that came in those two litre plastic bottles (no joke, it was maybe $2.00) and to our dismay it disappeared off the shelves (if anyone has found anything like this, please let us know where!) – but generally speaking, we would choose the Old Thyme Ginger Beer for that non-sweet ginger delight.
  2. We love FRESH!  When it comes to lime juice though, we like a medley of the concentrate and fresh lime juice (from the lime wedges you are garnishing your drink with).
  3. Since we almost got off the fresh train, we love adding a few slices of fresh ginger which will make your Moscow Mule pack that extra gingery punch!

Next up, is our discussion of these flamingo stir sticks.  We are OBSESSED with flamingos and we are also OBSESSED with adding another dimension of fun to things.  Hence the stir sticks in our drinks: it allows your guests to stir their drink up to their hearts content and it allows you to sit back and know you drinks look so freakin’ cute! Which is obviously so important!  

Okay, what did you learn?  A brief summary in case you forgot: Moscow Mules are thirst quenching, refreshing, delicious, and come in a very pretty mug.  What more of a reason do you need to make these?!  Well if you needed more, the biggest selling feature for us is how easy they are to make… or maybe it’s how easy they are to drink. Test it out for yourself… 

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]

Enjoy your escape from the heat!


Michelle & Samantha

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