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We love hosting!  Like we LOVE it!  When we do dinners together our biggest decision is who hosts!!  Want us to host your dinner party?!  We aren’t cheap, but we will do a damn good job.  The top three key points for us are:

  1. Keeping it simple
  2. Keeping it aesthetically pleasing
  3. Keeping the wine (or drinks of choice) flowing.

Whenever we do anything, we probably keep these three key points in mind, but whatever. Let’s just keep it related to hosting.

Keep it simple?  Yes!  You can do so many beautiful dishes that don’t require a lot of last minute work and last minute fussing.  No one likes to host AND make sure that people are having fun AND be worrying about sauces and glazes and itty bitty details.  Plus, we would rather sip our beverage than remember an accoutrement!  How can you keep it simple?  Prep ahead!  We love charcuterie boards like this one for that exact reason!

Keeping it aesthetically pleasing?  Yah…you can do that!  Whether it’s a garnish of a simple sprig of rosemary or some lemon slices or wedges or just good old balsamic reduction drizzled over your dish, you CAN make it look pretty and presentable without being a Michelin star chef!

Keep the wine or drinks flowing?  This should literally never be a question.  Let’s try that again.  Keep the wine or drinks flowing.  Seriously…FLOWING.  In keeping it simple we also don’t like to worry what you have in your glass already when we go to top up your bevie, so we decant a couple bottles at a time so that everyone’s on the same page and you don’t have to worry about making a sh*t mix in someone’s glass!  Worried you won’t get through a couple bottles?  LOLOL.  Again, this should literally never be a concern.

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What are your favourite party hosting secrets?


Samantha and Michelle

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