Holiday Manicures

We are easily excited around the holidays.  Everything is sparkly/glittery, every night we test out a different cocktail, it’s so festive and theres so much cheer.  Aside from Thanksgiving, it’s the best time of the year.  It is also one of the most exhausting times of the year.  Jumping from party to party, making sure you’re seeing all of your loved ones, getting you work done (despite all of the distractions), and making sure your shopping is on point.  So, despite that little negative rant, we are still 100% on board with the holiday season.  But we are even more on board with making it easier on everyone.  

Today, we are making the holidays easier with our holiday manicures. Holiday manicures can do two things:

1. Allows you to not be so worried about how festive you’re looking that day (DUH, your nails are already festive)

2. Allows your accessories to be paired down (ONLY if you want though)

You see, manicures, take just a wee little bit off your plate and also give you those 30 minutes to just relax and hangout.  With a girlfriend or in silence, you choose. 

Here are our favourites this season.  First up, we’ve got glitter city but a non-traditional route.  We went dark blue and white. Then we bought a clear glitter polish so really, we could put it on anything we wanted.  Also, we will never get enough of the one finger a different colour trend.  Sorry if you’re over it!

See, it’s fun and adds a unique dimension to your holiday outfit.  Everyone will notice those glittering nails from miles away.  Scroll through to see the polishes we used: 

Another holiday manicure favourite includes MORE SPARKLES.  We call this one “disco ball nails”.

Take that clear glitter polish and just own it ladies.  You can easily do it yourself … Literally no one can judge if you totally missed the lines!  As a side note, we also love black glitter, gold glitter, and silver glitter.  

There are also the traditional holiday reds we completely lust over.  Scroll through some of our faves:


Happy Holiday Manicures 


Michelle & Samantha 

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