Happy Hour Somewhere…Like in Maui!

Tropical cocktails – our specialty.  Anything that involves accents of pineapples and flamingos and we are your girls!  So today let’s see what we’re concocting with fresh Maui ingredients!

Naturally, we are combining a delicious mixture of tequila… some might call it a margarita.  With an added spunk of the topics… pineapple!  Our happy hour (s) go(es) really well when we make this cocktail.  It brings all of the boys to the yard. Remember when milkshakes used to do that?! Now it’s pineapple margURita’s Champagne Chic Life styles.  Let’s see how were making them:

First, we take tequila (SURPRISE!).  One or two shots per drink being made, dealers choice. Add to a blender.

Next, triple sec and freshly squeezed orange juice 1:2 tequila ratio.   So you chose 2 shots of tequila (good job), add one shot of triple sec and one shot of freshly squeezed orange juice, respectively.

Then, we take fresh pineapple. 5-ish one inch by one inch cubes per drink being made. 

Fourth, lime juice 2:3 tequila ratio.  i.e., you chose two shots of tequila, add 1.333 shots of lime juice (okay, we truly eyeball so sorry about the ODD number)

Finally, add ice and blend all ingredients well.  Salt the rim of your glass, cut a lime wedge.  Pour your blended drinks and get to happy hour!  

Jealous yet?!  Well come on, be that problem solver you are and go make one! It’s dead easy and well.. super deadly and refreshing.  Couldn’t ask for a better combo, could you?!


You know we love our accessories and love to celebrate an occasion!  Below you’ll find a collection of our favourite tropical cocktail accessories!  Click on the links to check it out! 

Samantha and Michelle

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