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Good Morning Sunday!  We absolutely love Sundays.  They are the perfect day to just unwind and take care of yourself.  Head to get your nails done, that facial you’ve been putting off, or go get that hair did!  Today we are talking about what each of our favourite hair products are.  Everyone has their go-to products and if you don’t or are on the hunt for new hair products we want to give you insight into our favourites.

Let’s jump in shall we?!  Firstly, we’ve got Samantha.  Super fine hair, super straight, relatively boring.  She is constantly having a hair struggle, especially spending so much time with Michelle – hair FOMO (her curly hair is the best hair!) – it’s a thing and she feels like she’s missing out on VOLUME.  In the winter her hair gets insanely dry and, well, basically dead looking.  So, solutions for all of this.  One – OUAI.  #ouaiaddicted.  Smells like a salon, feels like a salon, makes your hair look like you came from the salon.  Do we need to describe this feeling more?!  Jen Atkin, Samantha’s thin dry hair thanks you.  We combine the volume shampoo with the repair conditioner.  They compliment each other so well.

Now onto styling.  A good blow dryer is key.  Drybar has got their hair dryer dialed.  It’s quick, efficient, and we love the colour.  Finishing off our hair styling is the Davines hairspray.  Smells DELICIOUS.  Doesn’t make your hair crunchy and holds so well!  One of us is head over heels obsessed with this routine.  Now onto everyones envy: the curly hair.


Michelle’s routine is basically sponsored by Kerastase.  Her hair dresser basically swears by it so she’s grown be become addicted to it and so is her hair!  They just came out recently with a line specifically for curly hair and it was like Christmas-come-early for Michelle’s curls!  She only brushes her hair when it’s wet with conditioner in it – enter a massive bottle of conditioner in her shower!  She uses a little serum when it’s wet to get rid of unwanted frizz and finishes it off with some curl enhancing cream, a little mouse and a lot of scrunching!

And when all else fails?!  All the curls go up and a cute hair band gets thrown on!



What are some of your favourite hair products?!


Michelle & Samantha

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