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There is seriously nothing more satisfying than having the perfect graphic tee for the perfect day.  For example, you’ve probably seen us wearing our “Namastay in Bed” graphic tee… yeah that one is so perfect for most weekdays but gets worn on the weekend solely because it is probably more socially acceptable to wear it then instead of during the week.  Similar to most of our graphic tee’s.  Like “Champagne Campaign”, “Rose All Day”, and “Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table”.  You see a theme here don’t you?  Hence why these are mostly only socially acceptable on weekends or vacation.  We could be sent to rehab very quickly if these were subbed out for our average “weekday” attire.

Anyways, well why don’t we get on with theme and continue discussing our fave graphic tees that make us walking posters for beverage slogans.  Great.  So, first one: mornings are for mimosas.  Why yes tee-shirt, mornings ARE for mimosa’s (unless you’re us and just go for mimosa’s sans oj), thank you for being so wise.

Whether its Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Saturday, or whatever other holiday that calls for mimosa’s in the morning, this graphic tee has you covered.  Quite possibly the best part of all of this; wear this tee with literally anything.  You want to wear it with your party skirt, please do it.  You’re more into a cozy pair of joggers, guess what, it works too.  Fine jeans it is… WHATEVER YOU WANT.  Live your lives… in this shirt.  For real.

Champagne here (just kidding, go to a liquor store!!!) | Graphic Tee here similar here | Jeans here | Champagne flute here (this one we linked…good ones are hard to find!) | Just because it’s on sale THIS CUTE PHONE CASE NOT PICTURED here

Next up, we love ourselves some travel and this graphic tee really gets us in the mood!  Also…we swear one day we will board a plane wearing this and see what happens.  Some people have it written on their boarding passes and we are going to try it with this shirt!!  We love pairing this with ripped light blue jeans and all shades of blue!

Shirt here | Jeans here | Purse here | Sunglasses here | Earrings here | Bracelet here |

And we’re back…to drinking…  yup, that didn’t take long.  We LOVE this espresso then prosecco top from Old Navy!  It’s so cute with ripped black jeans and fun lace up heels.  It also works with leather leggings or sweats…trust us, we’ve tried both!  Whatever time of day it is, a graphic tee is a fun and playful way to start your day!

Shirt here | Jeans here | Shoes here | Purse here | Sunglasses here |

What is your favourite graphic top?!


Samantha and Michelle

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