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Happy Sunday friends!  We love ourselves a solid Sunday!  It’s our favourite day for some down-time, prep-time and us-time.  We look forward to it all week and as the days get cooler and a little darker we are savouring our Sunday’s even more.  Our morning tea and Baileys takes a little longer and breakfast gets a little more elaborate on Sunday’s.  But what about the other days of the week when we’re rushing to the gym, then to work and to meetings all day long?  Well, we use our Sunday’s to prep!  Not sure about you, but we get hungry and we get hangry!  That’s why breakfast is soooo important to us (and to those around us!).  We wanted to share a few of our secrets that we do on Sunday’s to prep for the most important meal of the day, all week long!

The best way to grab something in the morning to start your day is have it ready.  Make it easy.  Make it quick.  Making a large batch on a Sunday and portioning it out for the week or freezing it ahead works really well.  Michelle does this most mornings with Banana Zucchini Oatmeal Cups.  They freeze very well.  She adds protein powder, shredded apple and some chocolate chips to them for a little extra flavour.  Oh, and if you don’t have muffin tins?  Don’t worry!  Just make little “patties” and they work perfectly!  

Another easy one on the go is prepared instant oatmeal cups.  They work great!!  Again, you can really add anything you want to these and when you’re ready to eat, just add hot water.  We love that we can put a jar in our bag as you’re rushing out the door and grab some hot water at the office and chow your breaks at your desk with your tea (with or without Baileys…no judging).

We’ve also talked about this amazingly good granola.  We’ll we’ve given you this recipe and highlighted it as being particularly special for Mother’s Day.  We won’t lie though, we use it for every day of the week and will never be able to live without it again.  Legit obsessed.  If you haven’t made it yet, there is something wrong with you and we urge you to reconsider and think about the consequences of your actions. Brown butter-y and delicious, make it now.

Want some more ideas?  Check out our Pinterest Board for Grab and Go Breakfast ideas!  There are so many ideas and great ways to get your morning started right and quickly…Sneak peek below.


Samantha and Michelle

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