Gift Guide: For The Techy In Your Life

Holiday shopping 2.0 – this week: our Techy gift guide.  We never claim we are on the up-and-up about technology.  What we do know is when we find something super Techy-cool (we know how to use) we have to share it with everyone.  So let’s start this gift guide off right with our absolute favourite item this year.


First up, the Away Bag.  Seriously amazing.  We did quite a bit of research trying to decide which new luggage to get and this was the winner.  We literally refuse to check bags which is what makes this one so perfect.  Their “bigger” carry-on fits perfectly into the airport sizers AND has a built in charging device.  The charging device gives you 4+ iPhone charges when fully charged.  AH-mazing.  And we are big advocates. Obviously.  This one is a winner for the Techy traveler.  We added a few accessories you may like as well…!

Next, we’ve got wireless headphones.  We are big Bose fans for headphones, which is why we are gravitating towards these ones. Nevertheless, if you have a Techy nerd in your life, odds are really high they have a new iPhone sans headphone jack so may as well help them stay head of the curve, no?!

Third, Sonos.  If you haven’t heard of it, we need to have a serious conversation.  If you have, and somehow don’t have one, we should probably still have a serious conversation.  Wirelessly controlled music from your mobile or tablet device sans interruptions?!  We love.  Sync different rooms in your house to be playing the same music simultaneously?! We love more.  OR, play different music (or watch TV) in different rooms on the same system.  Okay, now you have to be kidding?!   Why haven’t you bought this yet.  We have the playbar, the sub, the play 3 and the play 1.  Slight advocates. Highly recommended.

Finally, a Nest anything.  We love the thermostat, the fire alarm, AND the cam.  Nest gets you started on your way to the smartest home you can get.  Burn some toast?!  The Nest fire alarm will let you know that there is an excessive amount of smoke in the kitchen – what it will also let you do is disarm the alarm (until the smoke increases to a certain point).  The best right?!  Embarrassing enough you’ve burnt some toast, let’s not let the neighbours know that just yet. 

Happy Techy gift hunting.


Michelle & Samantha


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