Gift Guide: Necessary Items

Necessary-ish is the theme of this gift guide.  We mean, we are still looking at holiday gifts after all so maybe “necessary” is a stretch.  But how about calling them nearly necessary comforts?! You’ll see what we mean in a second, but we are thinking we’ve got this label on lockdown.  We will try our best for the necessary comforts for everyone.  Shall we start?!

First up, for the lady of the house: a beautiful pair of faux/real leather gloves – whatever their hearts desire.  But seriously, if the lady in your life doesn’t have a nice pair of gloves to keep their hands toasty warm, she should probably have this mega issue fixed. There are some insanely sweet suggestions below for every style.  Obviously each choice is a different style of black leather gloves. We rarely stray from our norms.

Next, for the BFF in your life.  One can only assume they are the ones you’ll constantly be sharing that glass of wine with.  Are we right?! Obviously we are right so it would only be fitting to get a 3-in-1 wine chiller.  For that odd occasion when your wine is not cold and you need it ASAP.  Or the even odder occasion when you don’t drink your wine fast enough and need to keep it chilled.  This is the gift!

Third, we have an idea for the man in your life: a nice new briefcase.  Honestly, what is he using now?  Anything?  Or, how dated is the one sitting in the closet?! Would he use one if it was nice and new?! Well, if the answer is yes then we’ve got some simple, sleek, and updated suggestions below.

Finally, we have a piggie bank for the kiddo’s in your life. It’s never too early to encourage saving money.  You, as a parent would appreciate it.  So do the parents of the children you might give this too.  There’s also no harm in filling it up a tiny bit too; no one would be offended by that – even if the kids don’t understand the concept of money just yet. 

You should almost be through your shopping! Good luck, loves!


Michelle & Samantha

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