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So, you’re one of those.  It’s ok.  Admit it and things won’t feel so overwhelming and stressful.  Why?  Because we got you covered giiiirrrrllllll (or most likely boyyyyy).  Last minute gift ideas are our specialty because we are NOT last minute people and we’ve had a lot longer to think about what is available last minute to help you out!!  We realize that it might be really last minute so we’ve picked some things that should be available at your average grocery store, liquor store or drug store.  And friends, when in doubt just grab a mitt full of scratch and wins!  JK (sorta).  Your back is covered and so is your ass.  Here we go…


First, flowers.  Basic, lovely and beautiful.  Don’t be a fool and buy carnations and don’t pick the crappy looking ones that will probably die before New Years rolls around.  Get a potted one or a plant for the win.  This time of year, an orchid or an amaryllis are good go-to’s.  Try and be the hero that can find a nice vase/planter.  Don’t show up with the green plastic one or the foam stuff.  It may be last minute, but do it right.

Second, the gift card.  You’ve seen them at the checkout aisles before and wondered who needs them?  YOU.  You need them.  Get one that will help your friend / significant other / mom spoil themselves.  Maybe something they otherwise wouldn’t get for themselves.  Spa?  Dinner out?

Third, frames are at every store and every possible place you can imagine will sell one.  And your phone?  You have thousands of photos on it.  Find one of you and your special someone, print the photo and put it in the frame.  What a thoughtful gift you will have!!

Fourth, booze.  Vodka is shown but wine is always welcome.  Feel sheepish showing up with just a basic bottle of booze?  Add an accoutrement very easily.  Wine?  Add nice chocolate (not snickers…get the good stuff).  Vodka?  Add lemons and maybe some cute cocktail napkins.  Gin?  Add some fancy soda and some limes or ginger beer.  Every time of booze has a little friend that can be gifted with it to help it look like it’s a more well-rounded and thought out idea than we know it is!

Samantha and Michelle

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