Flowers For Days

If you’re anything like us, flowers immediately will brighten your day.  We often have as many freshly cut flowers in the house as we our wallets can possibly stand to buy.  We say that because we travel enough and know, we don’t have a Trade Joe’s here where we can get beautiful flowers for $5.00.  And yes, living in Vancouver we always get the short end of the stick where we miss out on any sort of affordable… well, anything!  Alcohol is more expensive, cheese is more expensive, and yes, flowers are also, more expensive.  We guess that’s the price you pay living in this beautifully rain-oriented city.

Ok, seriously, Vancouver is an amazing place to live.  If you can afford it.  We know we could go elsewhere and have a bigger, better home, copious amounts of wine for half the price, and cheese as cheap as can be.  It’s just that, we don’t want to. When the sun shines here, it is the best place in the world.  Like many places, you need to know the hidden places where you can find the best of everything. Today, we are going over where to get the best flowers!

Our weekend routines tend to be as follows: adventure to Nook on Yew Street for a little brunch (or lunch… or late lunch….we may or may not spend a good chunk of the day there; they do have fantastic mimosas and burrata – the non-affordable kind of cheese).  Then head up to a little tiny convenience store we would otherwise dismiss if we didn’t know the secret flower-stash that was hidden inside.  Okay, whatever, it’s all over the outside too, but the best stuff is inside.

Okay cut to the flowers; inside Kits Food Mart up on Yew walk to the right and to the back.  There you will find Laura.  You love flowers?  Laura loves flowers.  Laura knows everything there is to know about the flowers.  You can go talk to her, tell her what you’re looking for and she will put together a beautiful bouquet for you.  She knows what goes together, what looks good, and what the best seasonal flowers are.  She gets colour palettes and most importantly, she gets you.  Walking, talking, match-making ad right here.  But we’re serious.  We love her and she makes our day bright.  Also, her flowers last longer than anywhere else we’ve been.  So take that over priced whole foods flowers!!! Go visit her, go talk to her, tell her what you’re looking for and she will guide you, we promise!

Where do you find your favourite flowers in this city?!


Michelle & Samantha

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