Festive – ‘ing Up an Outfit

We all go through this serious conundrum.  How many holiday parties have you been invited to?! Do you really need to buy 10 new “festive” outfits to make an appearance at each of those?!  We are 100% over it.  By no means are we saying not to get a new outfit, in fact that’s a great idea.  But 10 new festive outfits seems like a bit of a stretch.  Lucky for you, today we’ve got some innovative solutions involving some novel ideas.  The best idea that is coming from this is reusing what you’ve already got in your closet and either purchasing some festive accessories, or also utilizing those to your advantage.  

Should we jump into it?!  YES.  First up, we’ve got Samantha.  She took our favourite outfit, black on black and dressed it up for the holidays.  Friends, this is the best.  You can literally do whatever you think will make it festive.  Add some red lipstick, add some outrageously large bling-y jewelry, whatever you’re thinking just do it.  It’ll work.  Here, we’ve kept everything else neutral (black dress, black tights, and black heels) and have gone with the bling-y jewelry and the obnoxiously fun purse. 

Look at how easy it is though.  We didn’t even need to spend a dime on this one.  Everyone has got to have a black dress (or two) in their closet and well, the accessories are easy after that.  This sequin purse screams festive and so do any chunky large necklaces.  You got this, we promise!

Dress here | Tights here | Shoes here | Necklace similar here | Purse similar here |

Next, we’ve got Michelle in this black and white skirt and leather top.  It’s a simple outfit that needs some festive’ing!!  We’ve added this amazing McQueen purse with a diamond pattern.  Next festive adornment is red Jimmy Choo lace up shoes!  What’s more festive than red??  Not much, honestly.  The red really makes this black and white outfit pop!



Without going over the top, we focus on the top!  Yes, the diamond and pearl headband and the large jeweled necklace really make this outfit shine!  Punny.  But for real, the jewels really bring out a festive feel and a holiday sparkle.  Plus, they are so easy to accessorize with so many other outfits and looks that they are amazing staple pieces in your closet!



Skirt here | Top here | Shoes here | Headband here | Necklace here | Purse here |

Good luck making those traditionally non-festive outfits festive!


Michelle & Samantha 

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