Feminine Outfits

Okay, so as we write this we realize it’s somewhat silly.  Like feminine outfit?!  Obviously ladies take most things and make them feminine by virtue of well, their feminine qualities.  However, today, we wanted to highlight some of our more feminine pieces that really showcase our lady like qualities.  No, we aren’t talking about the tightest skirts, or shirts where we show off the girls, we are more focused on smaller details that add that feminine touch.  This rambling probably isn’t helping anyone.  Let’s just show you.

Here is Michelle wearing boyfriend ripped jeans.  Wait…those aren’t feminine!  BUT…paired with this outfit they sure are.  Nude Mary Janes literally make every outfit instantly feminine.  Add in some light, pastel colour to your silk blouse and bam!  Instant femininity!  Not to mention her hair is left down, hair down is always more feminine looking.

Let’s take a better look at this blouse.  First, it has lace.  Second, it is a little sheer.  Thirdly, the colour!  This spaghetti strap top from Free People is so feminine looking!  It goes so well with jeans or shorts and even the darker black and burnt orange ones scream girlie!

Top here | Jeans here | Shoes here | Purse here |

Next up is Samantha, with two ultra feminine pieces.  Firstly, her top; that cute little bow.  Seriously?!  There we have the lady like touch.  It’s an otherwise very normal, still seemingly lady like top, but the bow really adds that extra touch.  Additionally, the lace skirt, well no one can get enough lace this year so we know you understand the feminine quality in that one.  We wouldn’t want to make it TOO fem. so we’ve thrown on our bad ass rockstuds.

We find it very fun to be a little girlier than usual.  It’s not like we don’t know that basically anything we throw on will be coined as lady like (even if it’s the hubby’s clothes – don’t tell them!), but we often love to embrace it and really give it all we’ve got!  We really did go for it here as the curly hair also adds that sweet feminine touch!

Top similar here and here | Skirt here | Purse here | Shoes here | Sunglasses here |

Tell us about your fave feminine pieces!


Michelle & Samantha

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