Our Favourite Local Brunch Joints

Today, we’re talking about one of our absolute favourite subjects: brunch.  Weekend brunch is something we get so excited for.  During the week we really don’t bother with an extravagant breakfast.  Weekdays are for “grab and go” brunches – which we wrote about here if you missed it.  Weekend, are for the most delightful, thoughtful, and simple brunches.  You really don’t need to “fancy” up brunch.  That was a message to restaurants. 

Eggs are eggs and you’re never going to change that.   We’ve learned to stick to old faithfuls, recommended joints, or to our own kitchens.  All we can keep preaching to our local restaurants is: make your food with good and simple ingredients.  Additionally, if you’re going to “rewrite” breakfast.  Just remember that you can’t. OK?

One place that has breakfast nailed down is Medina Cafe.  The wait is insane but if you learn to go early, or not hungry, you’ll make it through.  Start off your breakfast with a waffle (WE ARE STILL PREACHING FOR GLUTEN-FREE WAFFLES!!!) and a topping of your choice (we are traditional and go for maple syrup).  If you are in the GF category like Samantha, order the lavender latte or milk chocolate mocha to start rather than that waffle.  You seriously cannot go wrong with any of the mains; La Santé is simple and delicious, and the Saumon Fumé is SO GOOD.  Then even have GF buns.  Winning all day long.  Just remember, NEVER EVER go wait in line while you’re hungry.

Cafe Medina

Secondly, we’ve got a hidden gem of Kitsilano.  Harvest Deli, yes, it’s website-less and yes, you’ll question us when you walk in.  Listen here, don’t judge, just order the shakshuka and eat it.  We’ll talk after.  Hands down, the best shakshuka we’ve ever had.  The eggs are poached to complete perfection with the yolk still running but the whites fully cooked, the tomato sauce couldn’t be seasoned better, and their hashbrowns have a delightful crisp to them.  In addition, they also have a GF toast option.  Always ALWAYS getting a win in our books. Finally, if you’re not a total brunch person (we will forgive you) and recommend you try the sandwiches here.  Honestly, they’ve got approximately a bazillion options…

Harvest Deli

Please let us know what you think of our obvious choice and our hidden gem!


Michelle & Samantha

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