Father’s Day – Man Drinks

For Mother’s Day this year we went to a lot of work.  Remember?  We drank all that rose just to find our mom the perfect bottle!  Now it’s the Father in our lives’ turn to reap the rewards of our hard work.  This time, we are all about the man-drink.  You know, scotch and beer!  So much work being the child – drink rose, drink scotch, drink beer…yah yah yah.  We feel like cinderella of the liquor store already!  We digress.  Dad’s, we love you and love the men you are in our lives and we have found the ultimate bevies for you!

For the scotch dad in your life, you’ll need to hook him up with the right bottle, decanter and glass.  We are sure he has a set of the decanter and glass – every connoisseur seems to – but it’s probably really dated and likely just plain old ugly.  We love this CB2 decanter and matching glass.

So our pick of scotch for ourselves is Macallan Amber and for our dad’s is Monkey Shoulder.  We like Macallan Amber because it’s light and tastes a little like caramel and apples.  Very us!  Throw it over some ice and we are your girls.  We chose Monkey Shoulder for our dad’s because it’s smooth, a bit sweet and really easy to drink.  Our dad’s like the latter comment!

Next, beers for Dad.  What Dad doesn’t love a crisp refreshing beer, especially during a nice sunny day say… on a patio! Ding, ding.  What a great plan we’ve nicely created for you!  We’ve also hit up all the breweries so know exactly where you should be taking Dad.  If you want that patio, we would recommend Red Truck.  They have a great variety of beers (wines & spirits for anyone whose not a big beer drinker) and a very fun atmosphere.  We love to head there after a game at the Nat (OMG more plans for you!!!).  Some other faves include 33 Acres, Brassneck, and Main St. Brewing if you’re doing the Main Street tour.  Otherwise, we totally obsess over Deep Cove Brewery (again, different options for everyone including spirits! OBSESSED).  If if you’re more inclined to bring Dad home some beer, all of these places have growlers to buy and fill… any lots of other fun “dodads” to buy for your old man!

Where will you take your dad this father’s day?!


Michelle & Samantha

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