Fall Boots

Boots.  We all have them, we all wear them, we all shop online for them, and we all check each other’s out.  It’s a Fall staple and cute outfit essential.  BUT, how do you wear them?  Do you wear them all day or just at night?  What do you pair them with?  We get these questions all the time!  We could not love our boot collections more and we’re showing you a couple of our fave ways to wear them this Fall!  Let’s see how we’re pair them!

Samantha has on the quintessential Fall boots outfit! A mix of suede and leather, we cannot go wrong!  They scream fall!  As we mentioned above, the weather has been so mild this fall that we are taking advantage and pairing these boots with outfits that really show them off.  Dresses are key and simple is our bff.

We absolutely love this black Oak and Fort Dress.  It’s so simple yet the details are fabulous.  The petite slip up the sides and the extra length in the back adds this great playful dimension to the outfit.  This emphases the playfulness of the booties as well.  Chanel and Louis Vuitton accessories SO well with this.  As such, we’ve got on our pearls and brief case and are ready to tackle our meetings. 

Booties similar here (originals Cynthia Vincent 2015) | Dress similar here | Necklace similar here | Brief case here |

Michelle has a crisp, dry Fall day outfit on.  Her boots are suede so not for those rainy Fall days (and we’ve had our fair share!).  She has on an outfit that you’d find either one of us in on an average work day.  White collared shirt, black pants with accent zippers on the hips and her classic Louis Vuitton tote.  If you wanted to wear an outfit like this on a wetter day, opt for a pair of caramel or black leather boots with great buckles that are ankle height.

The beige boots are great for Fall for adding a little colour to our outfits.  Additionally, they are great for a dry day to remind us that not all is wet and rainy!  We love pairing these boots with rolled up jeans with cute cuffs or a black pencil skirt with tucked in blouse.

Boots here | Top here | Pants here | Tote here | Sunglasses here | Watch here | Bracelet here |

What Fall boots are your feet rocking?!


Samantha and Michelle

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