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Sometimes we feel like our days off are all about getting things done.  We try to spend Saturdays doing that stuff so that we can enjoy our Sundays with baileys a little more comfortably!  So, back to getting things done…  How do you run errands AND look cute AND stay comfy AND stay warm?  Well, that’s what we’re focusing on and showing you this week… our errand outfit (s)!  Let’s take a look at how to do this…

You’ll often find Michelle in heels and when you don’t, she’s in Adidas. Especially when she’s wearing her errand outfit (s).  Truly the most comfy shoe ever!  So, errands for Michelle start with a sick pair of Adidas Superstars!  Next we add some layers, it is cold outside after all!  Black jeans with cuffs pair nice with the Adidas stripes.  Next, she has a black tank on and then a cable knit, 3/4 sleeve turtleneck that has slits up the sides.  Why?  Well, a couple reasons.  First, then we can skip a bulky jacket for going in and out of stores and in and out of the car.  Life gets easy.  Second, the sweater is much easier to toss aside when you’re too warm and then you still have your cute tank and great outfit underneath!  Win, win!

No errand running mission would be complete without our fave item, our Henri Bendel backpack.  No purse, no fuss – we’re in!  This backpack also has convertible straps that can make it either a shoulder back or a cross body bag too.  We can’t stay enough about it!  Also, when you’re loaded down with items, you can just toss them in there and keep your hands free for important things like browsing the clothing racks or your festive Starbucks!  

Jeans here | Tank here | Turtleneck here | Shoes here | Sunglasses here | Bag here | Bracelet here |

Now, we’ve got Samantha wearing the COMFIEST clothes ever.  Might as well call this outfit “sweatpants in disguise” and call it a day.  The pants are ridiculously soft chinos with a great amount of stretch and the sweater is a great cotton material with buttons that do up the side rather than the middle.  So guys, did we just get style and comfort from this outfit?!  We SURE did.

We’ve got the sweater – no jacket (because we literally will die of heatstroke inside stores while running out errands in our fabulous errand outfit… it’s happened before), small purse allowing you to weave in and out of people no problem, and comfortable but cute booties for walking, obviously.  In summary, it’s about comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.  Look good, feel good, and basically be as comfy as you would be on the couch.  

Sweater here | Tee here | Pants here | Booties here | Purse here | Necklace here |

Those are our goals, what are yours?!


Samantha & Michelle

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