Easter…for Adults

Easter is one week away and we are the first to admit that we aren’t big Easter’ers … not bahumbug, just not Martha Stewart.  This year we are spending Easter weekend together in Whistler so we are ready to embrace it … as adults.  When we think of Easter dinner one of us thinks of turkey and one of us thinks of ham.  We both think of painted eggs and pastel colours.  And neither of us thinks of cream eggs (yuk!).  These are all things that bring us back to our childhood.

What we really want to do is put on fun pajamas, lay in bed and drink champagne all day.  That can be an Easter tradition, can’t it??  So this year we are adulting Easter together.  How you ask?  Good question, we were going to tell you anyways!  Games and gifts is how!!

Since Cards Against Humanity rocked our world and allowed our sick senses of humour to become socially acceptable, we love games!  This adult Easter is no exception.  We are going on a hunt.  Not the egg kind that kids play!  We are wine cork hunting for the golden cork and when we find it, we will open that bottle and be happy little chicks.  Punny…chicks.  Who wants to join our cork hunt??  Better yet, who wants to join in the spoils of the cork hunt?!  We have a head start with this game because we both collect wine corks (nerdy but not cuz you’re jealous).  Here’s a good way to start your collection…

All done your cork hunt and need to go to Easter dinner?  We got yo backs with a cute adult Easter gift basket.  Take your cork hunt basket to reuse it as your gift basket.  Add champagne, a candle, nail polish and a cliche bunny to your basket and voila – you’re in business.  Take that, Martha.  Basically we are so down with any basket that has champagne in it, so this one is no exception.

How do you spend your Easter?  What are your traditions?


Samantha and Michelle

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