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Now is the time.  Stockpile that list of cozy warm drinks ASAP.  You get it, we know. Those dreary winter months without seeing much sunshine causes all of us to become little hermits.  Little hermits who sip on a hot beverage on the regular.  As a result of this hermitting, we want to talk about some of our favourite beverages that we cozy up with.  

We’ve all heard of baileys and coffee.  It is so un-revolutionary.  BUT party people, have you heard of baileys and earl grey tea?!  Thank goodness for University teaching us new drink recipes because this one is the bomb digity.  We promise it will not disappoint.  You’re either one of those people who just turned their nose up (just try it) or one who was thinking OMG BRILLIANT!  We’re on the brilliant side and are hoping you are too.  It is one of both of our favourites to curl up with on the couch while watching a movie on a Saturday.  It’s also a favourite to be brunching with any day of the week (baileys is basically non alcoholic, right?!).  It’s creamy and smooth and YOU NEED TO GO TRY IT NOW.  

Why are you still here?!


Fine… Since you’re staying, you can see what our second hot beverage is going to be!  Nothing screams cold, winter day or evening to us like a hot rum toddy!  It’s perfect for a weekend afternoon while Netflixing and it’s even better with friends apres dinner around the fire.  We love to serve it in fun cups – like the mason jars below – and we would never serve it without a whole cinnamon stick!  Sometimes we get a little crazy and add apple to it for a little extra taste.  

For more  be sure to check out on pinterest board for hot drink ideas here!



Michelle and Samantha


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