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Without purposefully starting this off negatively, we really need to admit something here.  We have collectively discussed how much we dislike shorts.  How difficult it can be to try to find the right pair for an occasion.  How they are often harder than jeans to buy.  What’s an appropriate length?  How about the fabric?  Why do some make you look like you have an ass bigger than jupiter?!  We’re thinking you got our point.  Hopefully this isn’t the case for you, but this is where we are at with shorts.  A love but mostly hate relationship.

The struggle is really real.  REAL REAL.  However, today we are ready to discuss how we have been able to find our favourite shorts and how we can always make them look chic.  Again, we’ve got a focus on staples (surprise, surprise), with accessorizing.  This is how we get through our shorts complex and make it through the summer. 

We will start out with Michelle.  A classic linen short in a classic colour.  The fit is not too tight; it’s also not too baggy.  These shorts are basically Goldie Lox’s oatmeal and are just right (FYI, it took a lot more than a few tries to get it right!).  Because they are just right, they allow us to have fun accessorizing.  You know, with green walls and all!

No seriously, we love the green walls but today we actually mean having fun with white accessories.  White tank.  Yep! White bag.  Yep!  Look how fun that one is though… The snake skin texture adds another fun dimension here.  We also are accessorizing with our faves Tori and Taz once again.  Their stuff is too gorgeous and so versatile so we have to wear it with almost every outfit!

Shorts here | Shirt here | Bag here | Necklaces here |

Next up, we’ve got Samantha in a fun little “sailor”-esque short.  We found them, we decided that the length was a win so we bought a few colours.  That’s our biggest piece of advice, when you find shorts you love, buy them in every colour! Or just wear dresses.  Joking… sort of.  The other recommendation we have is be willing to spend money; our shorts have lasted us a long time, which we are so thankful for, and it’s due to a long time effort of keeping them looking new.  Were really emanating our favourite saying, quality over quantity with this whole shorts shopping thing.

Now, we are total weather wimps and since it hasn’t be insanely hot yet, we’ve paired her shorts with a gorgeous white textured sweater.  The sweater has a sheerness to it, but it is still very obviously a sweater that will keep us warm on those cooler summer days.  One of our favourite things truly is sweaters in summer and pairing them with shorts and heels dresses everything up no problem.  We can never forget about our bags.  We’ve added our pink Chloe Drew purse to this outfit for that extra pop of colour and fun. 

Shorts here | Sweater here | Shoes here | Bag here |

Happy shorts hunting. Seriously, we wish you so much luck… we hope you’re sending those same vibes our way, we really need it!


Michelle & Samantha 

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