Champagne Cocktails

Champagne.  Do you know that we like/love it??  Yah, if you haven’t gotten that by now from us then you haven’t been paying attention!  Whether you’re pairing it with popcorn or a patio, it never stops being fun and fizzy!  There’s always something to celebrate and when there isn’t, we find something, toast to it and sip away.  We have pretty much mastered the world of champagne and everything there is to it…or so we thought!  Now don’t get us wrong, we like ourselves a strong, dirty martini and we never say no to anything with Baileys in it but we got to thinking recently that if we can mix cocktails with vodka or Baileys – why can’t a girl make a cocktail out of champagne??  So, here we are on the Sunday of a long weekend helping a sister out with some champagne cocktail ideas!

There are a few rules to making a cocktail with champagne:

  1. Use only the good stuff – don’t cheap out
  2. Pair them with light fruit
  3. Use fresh and tasty herbs
  4. Make your garnishes pop!

So here are a couple ideas for you…

First we went with pineapple, ginger and mint.  True story!  These are unbelievably tasty and incredibly refreshing!!  That champagne marinated pineapple was a treat at the end!  The flavours mesh well with a sparkling fizz – trust us, we wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Our second cocktail was a little less dazzled and a little more straight to the point – a girl’s gotta like that!  It was sprigs of fresh thyme and blackberries.  How can you argue??  What’s not to love??  Yah, you know we have your backs on this one!

No cocktail is complete without a cute set of napkins!  Check out these options from ShopStyle by clicking below…

And how could a cocktail even be born if it weren’t for that perfect champagne glass…these are our two faves below!

Cheers friends!
Samantha and Michelle

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