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Obviously we love champagne.  If you didn’t know that or didn’t consider it, just pause and think for two seconds.  Still confused?!  HOW?!  It’s in our name.  We are obsessed and we will never get enough.  Whether it’s us discussing our favourite bottles/brands of Champagne or, if were displaying it via graphic tees, our love for it is very much there.  And will literally go no where.

So, first things first, our current favourite bottle: Palmes O’Dor.  Thank you to Samantha’s mother for the very expensive introduction.  But thank you again for showing us the light.  An undoubtedly beautiful bottle with a very dry crisp finish. High up on the recommendation table.  Especially if you have something special to celebrate…or not.

Next up, our favourite champagne graphics.  Well, this little number fully allows us to embrace our champagne campaign routes.  We preach that champs isn’t just for that one-off special occasion and that it should be drank just “for the hell of it”.  Do you need an occasion to drink beer?!  Nope.  Do you need an occasion to drink wine?!  Nope.  What in the name of the lord is the difference?!  Let us tell you, there isn’t one so we champagne campaign hard with this tank.  It really does get us places!

Another favourite graphic is to DRINK CHAMPAGNE AND DANCE ON THE TABLE.  If you don’t want it on your shirt, then check out these coasters that say it!  Not gonna lie, this is definitely something we’ve done.  That and sabering.  We love that too.  We love it all when it comes to champagne…the beverage, the bubbles, the tops!  Another fave of ours is by Brunette, No Champagne No Gain.  True words.

Below is a selection of our favourite champagne tops and links to shop them!  Happy champagne shopping ladies!

Samantha and Michelle

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