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We love to travel!  Like LOVE to travel.  It’s a serious passion we have!  We cannot get enough of different cities, different culture, different cocktails and different foods.  If it’s for a couple weeks or a couple days, we are totally in!  So, along the way we have figured out a few ways to make our travels and getaways a little more efficient (that shouldn’t be surprising if you know us!).  So, how do we streamline our travel programs?  Here’s a look at some of our travel essentials!

We carry on.  Yes, you heard us.  We carry that bag on and shove it in that overhead bin come hell or high water.  How many times have you had your bag lost?  If it’s just once, that’s more than enough for a lifetime!  Do you like waiting? We don’t either, going to or coming home from our destination.  So, we carry on! 

We check in early.  Yah, we’re the people who literally set an alarm 24 hours prior to departure to check in to ensure that we have the exact seat we want.  Window for Michelle and aisle for Samantha, both as close to the front AS POSSIBLE!  First or business?  Even better – we will never ever say no to that pod.

We have Nexus.  Do you?!  OMG…if you don’t, GET IT!  NOW!  It’s the best!  You skip by the lines both internationally and domestically…we adore our Nexus cards!  We also completely refuse to travel with you if you’re Nexus-less. #notevenalittlebitsorry

So, now that we’ve A-typed the fun out of getting going, here’s what we find essential to our travels…

While we agree on almost all of our carry on essentials, there two things go a long way with both of us and are must not forgets at home, a large tote bag when in travel mode (because how else are you meant to carry anything) and Bose noise cancelling headphones (because no one wants to hear the crying baby which that poor mama can’t settle down). 


Purse here | Headphones here | Lipgloss here | Sunglasses here | Passport cover here |

Large tote, duh!  You can see above that this camo print nylon Prada bag is perfect for going under the seat in front of you!  And inside?  Bose noise cancelling headphones (again, duh!).  They really do tune out everything and make for a quieter flight which means you’re more rested and ready to go upon arrival!  We always carry a pair of black sunglasses with us as they are so versatile and will pair well with anything!  Having them ready to go when we arrive allows us not to fumble through our roller bags for them.  

Airplane are notoriously dry, so we always have our MAC lip gloss with us to apply and keep our lovely lips moisturized.  We will also always bring hand moisturizer.  No one wants sandpaper hands.  We also love to look cute, so we feel that our passport should too!  We dress it up in a Louis Vuitton passport holder for quick and easy access.  It also keeps our passport and Nexus card together and is perfect for tucking our boarding pass in to!

Furthermore, let’s never ever forget how dirty airplanes can be.  We always have antibacterial wipes on hand in our carry on.  Wipe that seat, the seat belt, your tray table, head rest, arm rest, seriously… just do it all.  If for nothing else but peace of mind.  

Snacks.  A travel essential.  Do you want to start or end your trip in hanger? No?!  Well, get a damn granola bar and keep that blood sugar high!

Finally, entertainment.  We always keep books, magazines, iPads, computers, and/or phones handy.  We never want to realize that we are headed through a bunch of turbulence, and therefore, the seatbelt sign is stuck on and our entertainment sources stuck in the overhead compartments.  

Most noteworthy and something we nearly forgot, if you’re taking that redeye or a long flight you must have your toothbrush handy in addition to a pair of airplane socks!  All in the name of comfort and cleanliness friends.

What do you take in your carry on?


Michelle & Samantha 

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