Mother’s Day Brunch: Brown Butter Granola

Just in case you need to be reminded: Mother’s Day is FAST approaching.  We are only a week away so let’s get planning your brunch menu right now.  If you’re anything like us, then we are correct in assuming that you’re hosting a brunch.  We absolutely love hosting.  Perhaps the underlying reason is being in the comfort of our own homes or maybe its the need for us “A-Types” to stay in complete control but to be honest, for us, it is mostly the fun of trying out new recipes and making things as pretty as humanly possible.  We are seriously obsessed with the latter part; table decor is high up on our list, but that is a whole other post in itself!  Plus, today we wanted to discuss this insanely delicious brown butter granola.  Do you like crunch?  Do you like nutty?  Do you like brown butter?  OK, well, why haven’t you run to the grocery store to get these ingredients already?!

Mom will love that you made something special for her day and we swear to you, it takes no time to make (ok, maybe 15 minutes – you can get it down to 10 if you make it every week and don’t need to look at the recipe. Can anyone say OBSESSED!? – plus baking time) and it is better than anything else you can buy in the store.

Our secret baking ingredient is always Oh Lady Cake’s Real Deal Vanilla it is made with organic vodka and pure Madagascar vanilla beans.  You can taste a HUGE difference when baking with her product plus the packaging is oh so cute! Highly recommend it!

So without further ado, here is the recipe for this magical breakfast treat: 

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]

We hope Mom and family enjoyed this granola! Let us know how it turned out or tag us in your photos!


Michelle & Samantha

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