Bright Lips

Bright Lips.  There is actually no better accessory.  Bright lips are so versatile!  Different colours are easily changed and you can be as loud or as quiet as you want.  Are you feeling a little more shy and want to throw on a neutral nude colour?!  Do it.  You want the whole world to know you just rolled in.  Make it fun, make it bright.  Come on ladies,  you’ve got to agree, that moment when something is missing with your outfit but you realize that bright lips can fix it, there’s nothing more satisfying.  

Bright lips also allow you to bring out a bit of your inner diva, which can get really fun.  So let’s talk about our favourite lipstick and gloss colours this season. 

We always obsess over YSL’s products and colours.  Their lip gloss, their lipstick and their baby doll kiss and blush are amazing.  They have some great reds and pinks for the holiday season.  Here, we’ve got on their “pop water vernix a levres” glossy stain.  It lets us minimize the rest of the makeup were putting on, with such a bold lip colour.  It’s for sure unleashing our inner diva!


So Sam’s channeling her inner diva with YSL and Michelle’s channeling her inner rocker with MAC.  And the colour?  Rebel.  How appropriate!  This deep purple shade is so on point with a black on black outfit or just a white t-shirt, jeans and a casual sweater over top.  We love this colour!  Best part?  Instead of worrying about the fading like a red does on your lips, you can just apply a natural gloss later in the night and it comes out vibrant as ever.  MAC…you rock!! 

What bright colours are you rocking this season?



Samantha and Michelle




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