Booties in the Summer

We are having trouble believing it, but with September looming, and we mean LOOMING, ahead, we are starting to think about transitioning.  Different pieces of our wardrobes transition at different times…tanks, purses, white in general and boots.  This week we’re looking at boots…or booties…or both?!  

Booties can take an outfit from spring to summer and from summer to fall in similar ways.  This week we are pairing some summer outfits with booties that have a light feel to them.  They don’t feel too winter’ish or heavy and they keep the outfit lightweight and versatile for those hot days and warm nights.

Samantha is wearing the most amazing cobalt blue dress!  It hangs perfectly and is so incredibly perfect for spectacular summer days and fun date nights!  She has paired this dress with sunglasses, a light coloured leather purse and beige booties.

The suede material keeps things light and really keeps things from feeling heavy and dark.  They scream nice weather given the material and the cutouts; they are perfect with this length of dress; and they are also great with shorts too!  Hot hot hot! 

Dress similar here and here | Purse similar here | Aquazzura Booties similar here and here | Sunglasses here |

Michelle is wearing what our standard go-to evening outfit resembles.  A rolled up cuffed shirt over a tank top with some ripped boyfriend style jeans and, you guessed it, booties.  This is a perfect outfit for heading to dinner or out for drinks.  We love the colour of these booties because it lets us wear our white jeans with a darker colour on top and darker accessories, like the purse shown.

With the jeans rolled up in loose cuffs just above the ankles, the boots are very visible.  Given the horizontal ostrich pattern at the back of the boots, the cuffs let them really be shown off!  

Boots here | Jeans here | Top here | Purse here | Watch here | Sunglasses here |

Seriously, don’t we look like a match made in season transition heaven. 

Is it summer or fall?! Could be both! #nailedit


Samantha and Michelle

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