Black: The Glam Edition

We are big fans of dressing up for a night on the town.  Sometimes our dressing up leads to us pushing the boundaries a little bit.  Who doesn’t love showing a little skin though?!  This time, we want to show you our glam and all black looks.

While shopping, we came across these outfits and once we found them, we knew we had to have them… But we also knew we had to stick with the all black version and keep the big pops of color to a minimum… We do live in Vancouver after all, and not a ton of people dress to the nines here. 

Anyways, lets get to it!  Checkout this amazing black dress.  From a distance (and up close but you’ll see our point in a second), the glam is more subtle.  Still totally hot and Michelle looks like such a MEGA babe in it!  Nothing about it screams “pushing boundaries” and you want to get up close to see more of what’s going on.  

Additionally, these SHOES… we need to talk about what a great addition to an all black outfit these shoes are. Seriously Jimmy Choo, you’ll never fail us.

Up close, it gets MEGA MEGA hot!  The dress has an amazing sheer top with knit florals, allowing us to check off the glam in this outfit and (almost) more importantly, cover up in the right spots.  The florals are thick enough that our favourite bra-free life can be lived!  Stackable bracelets pair so well with the dress as they are subtle enough and this dress really doesn’t need much added to it.

Dress here | Heels here | Bracelets here, here and here |

Another skin showing, glam all black outfit for you: the playsuit.  We are so obsessed with this one.  No front?  No Back?  No problem (anyone else trying to swap those words to make them Chesney lyrics?! Us too..)! Getting back on track, we will start with the back; it hooks up nicely below the neck so it hangs perfectly for a very open and very nicely framed back.  

Next, the front… it sits perfectly as well which can get difficult with the plunging necklines.  We are still trying to figure out how they structured this so well.  Again, no bra life being lived to its fullest potential here.  Amazing, right?!  Unlike the top outfit, we can accessorize this one to our hearts content.  Choker necklace would look bad ass with this, as would a long dainty one.  Alternatively, you can do a shorter and sweet little necklace like we have here.  Finally, you can put this together with some fabulous heels, sexy booties or cute summer sandals.  All will work well!

Playsuit here | Bracelets here, here and here | Necklace here |

Most of all, we want you to know showing skin is a great way to glam up an outfit but don’t go overboard. We are more than happy to help if you need, just e-mail us at and we will give you some suggestions! Happy Glam-ing!


Michelle & Samantha


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