Beach Towel Obsessions

Summer time madness has hit in full force and while we may not be the ones hitting the ocean waves, we will totally hit the beach.  There to observe, soak up some sunshine, and perhaps enjoy a cold bevy or two.  Obviously with that, we need something cozy to lay on.  Say, something like a beach towel?!  Yup, that’s it.  We are obsessed with beach towels this week.  Check out which ones.

First, the coveted circle towel.  Mega obsessed.  Its GIGANTIC first and foremost.  We can fit ourselves and all of our gadgets on it.  Gadgets = wine bottle + wine cups + book… Very important business.  If you REALLY wanted you could share and have a few people share your cozy seat too.  That’s a stretch though, we prefer “room for gadgets”.

Second, well everything else we have we are totally pineapple obsessed with so let’s continue it with this pineapple towel.  OBSESSED.  The light pink on this towel paired with the quarter pineapple is the sweetest combo.  Anyone lounging at the beach should be super jealous.  Cutest towel award goes to YOU.


Third, a towel with flamingos on it.  YES!!  Flamingos and the above shown pineapple seem to be soooo hot right now and this fun towel doesn’t disappoint!  We just love it and love that at this price you should stock pile them for next summer and the one after and the one after that!


Fourth, Anthropology’s take on the Turkish towel is our new summer obsession.  We love this one, the size, the colour, the stripes.  So great, right?  They have so many patterns and looks to this line – totally obsessed with it and so worth checking out!!


What beach towels are you loving?

Samantha and Michelle

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