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We were invited to join something! You know, something fun exciting, new… Someone found us and appreciated our sense of style, maybe our sense of humour, or maybe they just felt bad and wanted to help us out…  We like to think it’s because we have a grand appreciation for nice jewelry and that shines in our photos (did you catch that pun!?).  Whatever the reason is, we are so happy Audaviv reached out to us!  Anyone who knows either of us knows that we adore accessorizing and we love our jewelry drawers!  

Founded in 2014, Audaviv is an online store for jewelry girls like us.  They offer an amazing selection of jewelry from different designers and independent brands, which is something we love to support.  

What does ‘Audaviv’ actually mean?  It’s the combination of two Latin prefixes – “auda” means audacity and “viv” means life.  Audaviv means to live your life boldly, with an adventurous and open spirit and their jewelry totally reflects that.  Let’s see what we’re wearing below!

Samantha, has on Audaviv’s TomShot gold layering necklace.  It is 24k gold and is adjustable in length to 24″ long.  We LOVE wearing it with low neckline tops as shown.  It also looks so good with a crew neck shirt or dress.  We usually pair this necklace with some thin gold bracelets!
Michelle is wearing the TomShot pearl bracelet.  The pearl bracelet is incredibly timeless and classic looking; the bracelet is so feminine and elegant that it can literally be worn with anything!  The bracelet is made with a real freshwater pearl with a 24k gold plated chain, allows us to feel good about the quality of the products we are supporting.  This handmade bracelet is so perfect for an everyday glamorous look.  We aren’t shy to stack a few dainty gold bracelets with this too!

We have layered twos necklaces for the next look.  We’re wearing the Lesvar Pyramid Triangle necklace and the Lesvar Tiny Spikes necklace.  The pyramid triangle necklace is so suited to layering with the tiny spikes necklace.  For a more classic, toned down look, you can wear either necklace on its own with a collared shirt for a hint of glam to an office outfit.  Each necklace is handcrafted with Swarovski crystals and a 16k gold plated chain.  Additionally, each necklace is adjustable within 2″ so there’s lots of room for layering!

Needless to say, we are loving our Audaviv jewelry and we hope you check it out so you can enjoy it as much as we do!  Have a look at their site and see all that there is to offer!  Be sure to use our 10% off code: champagnechiclife! 


Samantha and Michelle

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