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OMG spring is so close.  Can you feel it?!  The love tonight?!  Joking, we are talking about the warmth.  Can you feel the warmth?!?!  We can and we are praying that it really moves in quickly.  We are over the cold (we were over it on day 1) but now we are really really over it.  10/10 done.  Like a bad breakup; no we can’t be friends, no we can’t keep in touch, yes, just go!  GO AWAY WINTER.  We are in full fledged sunshine spring mode and our footwear is no different.  Ankle boots.  Easy breezy ankle boots is helping us along with our spring dance.  Outfit time…

Black ankle boots.  SHOCKER.  We’re wearing black.  But look, spring is almost here so we are expanding our horizons with this awesome white waffle sweater and chambray under neath.  The layers are still providing us some warmth and helping us look good, while stepping out of our black clothing comfort zone. See?! White and blue!  The white sweater and blue chambray contrasts the rest of our outfit so well that we didn’t want to overwhelm the look.

These perfectly flat black booties allow us to wear almost anything with them.  Our favourite word, versatility, comes into play with these booties.  When pairing we jeans, we like to show a bit of skin and love the cuffed look.  Capping off this outfit, literally is a super cute, yet very simple black hat for those days where washing your hair just wasn’t in the cards (shh…don’t tell other people that’s what we do…).  Finally, our black Celine bag.  Where would we be without it?!

Boots here | Jeans here | Purse here | Sweater here | Chambray here | Hat here |

Michelle is welcoming warmer weather in a dress that’s NOT black.  YES.  True story.  This navy silk dress with grey slip underneath is so perfect for that transition from cold to warmth.  It can be layered over bottoms, the button down dress can be undone to be worn like a vest or you can pair it with tights.  We did NOT do that either.  We need warmth in our lives so we are sporting bare legs and hoping they stay toasty.

She’s wearing this dress with beige ankle boots in suede – another warmer weather beacon!  They are slip ons which are amazing and also pair so well with jeans.  The beige boots just screamed brown LV tote!  These boots were definitely made for walking…

Boots here | Dress here | Purse here | Bracelet here | Scarf here |

What ankle boots are you wearing?!


Michelle and Samantha

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