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We love a perfect bottle glass of champagne as much as the next girl…actually, maybe even more.  We LOVE champagne.  Pour us a glass for breaky (sometimes) with a little bit (teeny tiny bit) of orange juice and we love it for pre and post dinner cocktails.  It’s great for curling up and watching a movie with and it’s perfect for a sunny afternoon lunch session.  Let’s learn a little more about what the Champagne Chic girls’ favourite things about sparkling are!

Before we do, we know we are technically wrong in calling most of what we do “Champagne” but, we cannot help ourselves… We don’t live in the Champagne region, not all bottles are available to us… We really love the word.  As such, we are using champagne and sparkling interchangeably despite the technicality that often in this discussion, we are not actually talking about champagne. 

Champagne Selection: Least Expensive to Most

What’s the most memorable glass of sparkling you’ve had?

M: It was a champagne flight at The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma – every champagne came in a different style of flute!  I sat on their patio which looks like an enchanted garden and sipped on various champagnes all in the most beautiful glasses!

S: It’s likely cheesy but there are a few great ones and they always revolve around the people I am with and celebrating special occasions.  I guess if I had to pick a location, it would be Bird’s and Bubbles in NYC; they elevate their menu with the perfect pairings and their staff are incredibly knowledgeable about their sparkling list.  Each time is different, each time is even more memorable than the last.

What’s your favourite local BC sparkling?

M: I love the sparkling SX Tous from Ex Nihilo.  It’s dry and tasty and tastes even better when you’re having it on their patio with their amazing salads and pizza.

S: Blue Mountain sparkling; it packs a ton of flavour with some very fine bubbles.  Oh, and the price is something you can’t argue with.

What’s your go to bottle of bubbles when you go to the liquor store?

M: without a doubt Veuve Cliquot!  That yellow label gets me every time!  

S: Perrier Jouet – I can never ever get enough.  Especially on special occasions when we splurge for the Belle Epoque.  If you’re trying to be more economical, the Whispering Angel sparkling rose is fantastic both in terms of taste and price.

Where’s the best place in Vancouver for a glass of sparkling?

M: Reflections patio at the Hotel Georgia is a great spot for a glass with the girls!

S: Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge.  They also serve popcorn.  Their people watching is also outstanding.  But seriously… you can always win us over with popcorn and bubbles… 

Favourite thing to pair with champagne?

M: Truffled popcorn – OMG so good together!!

S: An amazing cheese plate OR some freshly caught oysters. 

Do you get more excited for the pop of the bottle or the bubbles in your glass?

M: How about the first sip from my glass?!

S: Depends, are we sabering the bottle?!

Do you have a secret for keeping it fresh after you’ve poured a glass?

M: You mean on the off change there is any left?  I use an upside down spoon to keep the bubbles there.

S: Two ways: keeping it COLD will keep the bubbles fresh (don’t leave it out, let it get warm, and then add it back to the fridge) and buying good quality products.  Both of these will slow the de-bubbling process (technical terms) it won’t stop it.  Alternatively, just drink the damn bottle!

We want to hear some of your favourite bottles and where your favourite glasses are! 


Michelle & Samantha 

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