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So…it’s December.  Actually.  This is not a drill or a test – it’s here!  How does it make you feel?  Happy?  Sad?  Stressed?  Hungry?  Mostly the latter for us, but nevertheless we are here to make December a breeze for you (and the ones around you)!  Happy holiday season, friends!!  Each week we have decided to feature some gift ideas for you to make your shopping, we mean holiday season an easier one!


This week we’re all about gifts for the home because let’s face it…a gift for the home is sort of a to-me-from-me gift anyways! And who doesn’t like to buy presents for themselves anyways?!


First, water.  Basic essential in life.  How do you get more of it in your body?  You make it “fancy”.  This beautiful, mesh soda siphon from Williams Sonoma is like a soda stream…just awesome looking!  It’s what you want to keep on your kitchen counter and use all day long!

Second, the ice bucket.  The actual one, not the challenge one.  This is a beautiful hand stamped one and it pairs so well with a bottle of Dom.  Truthfully, what doesn’t pair well with a bottle of Dom?  We digress…  Remember last year we told you we won the sister-in-law lottery?  This beautiful gift is proof of that!

Third, coffee…now…please.  It’s how we start our mornings and our afternoons and most times in between.  We love us some good frothy foam and we love a little Bailey’s in it too.  You already knew that about us.  The best gift for the home…the gift of delicious and hassle free coffee.

Fourth, the best gift of all for the home?  Alexa.  She is like the third wheel in our relationships.  We love her so much.  Sam often plays Jeopardy with her and Michelle is constantly using her to do cooking conversions.  Whatever you’re doing with Alexa she is the greatest thing you can add to your home – aside from a basket of puppies.  Alexa turns the lights on, plays music, is probably always listening, manages our shopping lists and she can check on flights too!  Thanks, Amazon, for revolutionizing our homes and we can’t wait for Alexa to bring our groceries to us!

Samantha and Michelle

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